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5 Photography Tips Guaranteed to Better Your Branding

Increasingly we do business in an online world where creating content is an important part of business strategy. This means everyone is taking photos. Good photos can be powerful and consistent photos help build your visual brand. The following are 5 photography tips that are guaranteed to better your branding.

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What the File?!?

Do you ever find yourself suddenly sidelined at work, frustrated, looking for the proper file types of your logo? Are pesky designers hassling you for larger files, “native files” or “vector files”? If you are like most people the answer is a resounding “ugh, yes”. Frustration, be gone! This quick little read will help you sort out what file types you should be storing and when to use which type of file.

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4 Essential Values for Building Brand Excellence

When branding a small business or start-up, the strategy and values are very much the same as branding for a larger entity. The process may differ in that entrepreneurs often have the benefit of being nimble. This is an area where it helps to have one to a few decision makers. The following are what I believe to be the top 4 Essential Values for Brand Excellence:

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