Hey, Artists! Show your work ... and do it with a WEBSITE.

When I left the corporate world a few years back to pursue my own endeavors, there were a few books that gave me the confidence and know-how to make it work. One such book was Show Your Work, by Austin Kleon.

The wise Mr. Kleon encourages us with some smart thinking including “share your process”, “tell good stories” and “learn to take a punch” (my personal favorite).

Fast forward to 2019 and you’d be hard pressed to find many who would disagree that, if you want to make it as an artist, you’ve got to share what you make. Even more, we have thriving social networks through which to share. I recommend that every artist read this inspiring, and often hilarious, book (you can do it in merely a few hours). More to the point, though, I want to encourage you to show your work ON YOUR OWN TERMS. By this, I mean to say … you need a website! Here are my top three reasons:

  1. As an artist, you are running a business. And businesses need websites. They will ensure your legitimacy and that your art is taken seriously.

  2. Control your destiny. I’m the first to talk up the power of social media (for good, please), but I’m a strong believer that every artist (see: business) needs their own digital hub. Your website will serve as your digital marketing engine from which all other digital messaging can be controlled, launched, amplified and measured. When you do this right, you can take advantage of the social networks that are working for you, and move to new ones when they’re not.

  3. Control the way you tell your story. Creating and managing your own website allows you to tell your story in a complete and measured way – one in which you can totally control in tone and content, but also in presentation.

By: Liz Watson, Founder & Director of LW Design Group