If You Know Where You Are Going, People Will Follow You.


You’re just about ready to build your website, but before you begin, can you answer these three critical questions?

1. Can you describe your company in just two sentences? This is one of my favorite exercises. What’s your elevator pitch? When you meet a new person and they ask you what you do, do you fumble for the right answer? If so, sit down with a paper and pencil and take some time to work it out.

2. Do you understand exactly who you want to visit your website? Define your ideal customer or client. Who are they and what do they like to do? Create a picture. If you are ready for some real fun that produces results, clip out all sorts of pictures of things this person likes and does and post them together on a board.

3. What is the number goal you want to achieve? Do you know this? Not five goals, not three goals, but the number one goal. Jack Trout once said, “If you don’t know where you’re going, no one will follow you.” On the flip side, if you do, guess what?