5 Photography Tips Guaranteed to Better Your Branding


Increasingly we do business in an online world where creating content is an important part of business strategy. This means everyone is taking photos. Good photos can be powerful and consistent photos help build your visual brand. The following are 5 photography tips that are guaranteed to better your branding.

  1. Seek the Light. Simply stated, the better the light, the better the photograph. Shoot with natural light, if possible, and generate outdoor content during the golden hours of early morning or late day. 

  2. Use a Flash. This is my number one favorite photography trick to share with people. When shooting outside with the sun to the subject’s back, use a flash. This fill flash will “fill” out the shadow areas created by the sun, creating an overall better image.

  3. Limit Background Noise. When you frame your photo, pay attention to what is happening in the background behind your subject. Shoot with minimal backgrounds and take care to avoid strange shapes interacting with your subject. 

  4. Use a Consistent Filter. Limiting your photography color pallet by using a consistent filter will increase your overall visual branding impact. You can use readily available filters offered by your social media platforms, or you could go a step farther by using a Lightroom Presets (my preferred choice). Lightroom presets are abundant and offer a bit more sophistication than your average filters. For more information about Adobe Lightroom Mobile: https://helpx.adobe.com/lightroom-cc/using/work-with-lightroom-mobile-ios.html

  5. Hire a Professional. If you are highly committed to creating consistently high-quality photographic content for your brand, consider hiring a professional. It could be argued that a trained photographer to drive content generation is a must for an online business.